Conference Themes

Conference Themes

Energy Engineering (SDG 7, 15)

  •   Renewable energy - Biofuels
  •   Applied Catalysis in Energy Engineering
  •   Thermo-chemical Conversion of Biomass into Fuel
  •   Energy Storage, Conservation and Conversion
  •   Energy from Biomass, Water, Waste
  •   Alternative fuels Strategies for India
  •   Engine performance and Emission Studies
  •   Sustainability and Clean Energy
  •   Fuel Cell Technologies
  •   Energy Materials and Devices
  •   Solar cells and Energy
  •   Nano-technology in Energy and Environment
  •   Biomass and Bio-energy
  •   Process Modelling, Simulation and Chemical Reaction Engineering

Waste Processing (SDG 1, 2, 7, 15)

  •   Waste to Bio-energy
      (Bio-gas, Bio-oil, Bio-diesel, Biohydrogen, Bio-ethanol, Bio-methanol, etc)
  •   Biomass and Feedstock Utilization
  •   Biopolymer and Bio-plastics
  •   Bioprocesses and Bioproducts from Waste
  •   Waste Valorisation for Sustainable Development and
      Green Engineering
  •   Solid waste and Hazardous Waste Management
  •   Resource recovery from E-Waste
  •   Sustainable Processing of Plastic Waste, Sludge,
      Biomedical waste, Biomass, etc
  •   Waste Processing via Artificial Intelligence and IoT, etc
  •   Safety Engineering and Occupational Health
  •   Labor Safety and Sanitation
  •   Workplace Risk Management
  •   Public Health and Environment
  •   Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention

Environment and Water Quality (SDG 6, 13, 14)

  •   Water Management for Sustainable Cities
  •   Wastewater Discharge Processing
  •   GIS Application for Water Management
  •   Removal and Degradation Strategies for Organic pollutants
      and other Emerging Pollutants
  •   Biochar based materials in water and environment
  •   Water Purification
  •   Adsorption, Bio-Remediation, Advanced Oxidation Process,
      Other Techniques, etc
  •   Nano-materials and Nano-Composites in Water Treatment
  •   Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  •   Water Pollution and Water Quality Control
  •   Sludge Management in Treatment Regimes
  •   Marine, Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems
  •   Resource Recovery from Wastewater

Environmental Engineering (SDG 3, 6, 13, 14)

  •   Climate Change and Global Warming
  •   Air, Soil, Water Pollution and Modelling
  •   Air Quality Control
  •   Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization
  •   Resource Recovery During Pollution Control
  •   GIS Application for Air Pollution Modelling
  •   Soil Health Assessment
  •   GIS Application for Land Use
  •   Environmental Risk Assessment
  •   Ecology and Mitigation Engineering
  •   Environmental Fate Studies
      (Transport, Bio-accumulation, Bio-degradation, etc)
  •   Environmental System Modelling and Optimization
  •   Economic, Social and Policy towards Environmental Management